Durian Kaya – Blackthorn (smooth)


Special Limited Edition: If out of stock, don’t worry! It’ll be back at some point – follow me on Instagram where I always announce when they are next expected to be back. Currently expected back in Summer 2022!

Durian is known as the “King of Fruits” in Malaysia. Incredibly divisive, you’ll either love it or hate it. Its thorny exterior protects rich, creamy flesh with a bittersweet flavour that pairs beautifully with the silky texture and coconut notes of my kaya that balance out the durian’s notorious pungency.

Blackthorn is a relative newcomer* to the durian market and a serious contender to Musang King’s throne as “best durian”. It has a comparatively more complex flavour profile, with slightly more bitter notes, and deeper-coloured flesh.

If you have previously tried this kaya, please be aware that this time, there are no durian bits in the kaya. It will still have the same delicious taste, only silky smooth in texture.

190g net weight


Out of stock

*Blackthorn was only registered as D200 by the Malaysian Department of Agriculture in 2015** (comparatively, Musang King was registered as D197 in 1993!). Despite its recent registration, it’s a variety that’s been in development since the mid-1980s – a durian tree generally only starts producing good quality fruits when it gets to its late-30s to mid-40s. It is named after the dried up stamen on the base of the fruit which stays on the fruit as it matures and resembles a single black thorn.

**Malaysia takes durian varieties very seriously – it took 2 years for the Blackthorn registration to be verified and accepted!

Ingredients and allergens

  • Golden caster sugar
  • Light brown sugar
  • Coconut milk
  • Free range eggs
  • Blackthorn durian (10%)

Shelf Life

The shelf life of durian kaya is approximately 6 weeks


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